Solar energy in buildings: meeco sun2roof® solutions



March 8, 2024


2:29 pm

The Revolutionary Role of Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Technology

Solar Photovoltaic (PV) can make a significant contribution towards reducing the energy and environmental footprint of buildings. Helped by features like scalability, ease of use, and declining price, PV has become the predominant renewable technology. Its application in buildings is particularly notable. Estimates suggest that rooftop PV can help meet a significant portion of energy needs. Specifically, it could cover 25% to 50% of national electricity requirements in countries around the world.

Renewable Energy: The Backbone of Sustainable Energy Solutions

Renewable energy is playing a key role in the national and international energy scenarios worldwide. Owing to its comparative advantages over the traditional forms of energy, renewable energy has taken a leading role. Consequently, it has become the cornerstone of the energy frameworks around the globe. These advantages include a replenishing resource base, wider geographic distribution, reducing price trends, and environmental friendliness. Renewable technologies, especially solar energy, are already making a significant contribution to energy supplies both in developed and developing countries. The maturity of renewable technologies and their successful penetration can be depicted by the fact that countries like Germany have recorded spells when renewable supplies were meeting the total demand on their national grids.

meeco sun2roof®: Leading the Charge in Solar-Powered Buildings

When it comes to the application of solar energy in buildings, meeco sun2roof® solution has been by far the most versatile and successful technology. Most of the leading countries with regard to the installed capacity of PV have extensively used meeco technology in the building sector. This sector offers one of the most promising application areas for sun2roof® solar PV.

Solar energy in buildings: meeco sun2roof®

Germany is one of the world’s most sustainable industrialized nations. Living sustainably in Germany doesn’t just mean reducing your environmental impact. It also means being part of a vibrant community working toward a greener future.

This is the case of some small towns in Schleswig-Holstein, near the Hamburg area.

meeco sun2roof®

Celebrating Milestones: Solar Energy’s Role in Shaping Eco-Friendly Communities

“The commissioning of these systems are milestones on the way to becoming environmentally conscious communities”, proudly states one of the town mayors. “We are very pleased of having connected these systems to the grid, and I’m also very satisfied with the work done by the meeco team. Thanks to their experience, they took care of the projects, completing them on time and meeting all the community requirements.”

Solar energy in buildings with sun2roof®

“I personally warmly welcome and encourage the installation of solar systems on roofs rather than on open spaces” continues the mayor. “This protects nature, helps the respective owners of the photovoltaic systems in the medium term to save money on energy that would otherwise be expensive to generate, and helps to make our community even more attractive. I do hope that many other communities in Germany and in Europe in general will think more and more about a green, low-emission future and follow our example”.