Renewable Energy Solutions: Brauerei Stauder’s Solar Success


Sonia Gandolfi


January 19, 2024


11:11 am
Renewable Energy Solutions

Although the Jacob Stauder Brauerei in Essen had repeatedly thought about using its roofs to generate solar energy and cover part of its energy consumption, the idea remained just an idea for a long time. What was decisive and what made sure that this idea did not just remain as such, it was the meeting between the CEO of the brewery, Mr. A.S., and Mr. DT, his former classmate but above all founder and pillar of The meeco Group.

The meeco Group: Pioneers in Renewable Energy Solutions

The meeco Group emerged in 2000 in Zug, Switzerland, evolving from a family business with 80 years of experience. Subsequently, today it is a leading company in renewable energy solutions. Moreover, the group employs nearly 90 people across four continents. Additionally, the company established meeco Industrial Services GmbH as a subsidiary in 2016. This branch specifically specializes in industrial climbing, focusing on assembly, repair, and safety at high altitudes. Consequently, they primarily supply solar components and offer comprehensive turnkey solutions for complete photovoltaic (PV) systems.

The Meeting that Sparked Change

“If I had known about such experts among my classmates earlier, the solar dream of Brauerei Stauder could have come true much earlier,” confesses Mr. A.S.

The Project: From Concept to Completion

After the first meeting, progress was swift. The initial discussions quickly led to the inspection of the brewery’s roof. This was followed by the development of a customized layout, project planning, and the resulting offer.

Selecting the Right Solution: sun2roof® with Ultralight Modules

Since the first roof that had to be equipped with solar panels could only be used with a limited load capacity, meeco immediately opted for a sun2roof® solution with ultralight modules. “Flat roofs and facades with limited loads are very common. The meeco team has been developing and installing photovoltaic systems with ultralight modules for some time now,” states Mr. G.S., CEO of meeco Industrial Services.

Impact and Future Plans: Renewable Energy Solutions

In just ten days everything was installed on the roof and now the brewery is able to produce 99.7 kWp of electricity on its own. Estimates believe that investment costs will be amortized in six to eight years. “If our ‘trial photovoltaic plant’ works as promised, then PV on another roof could be added every year and we could even produce up to 25% of our annual energy consumption ourselves instead of the current 5%,” states the CEO of the brewery.

A Sustainable Future for Brauerei Stauder

The implementation of the meeco sun2roof® solution signifies a major step towards sustainability for Brauerei Stauder. The brewery’s commitment to renewable energy solutions significantly reduces its carbon footprint. Additionally, it sets a precedent for other businesses in the industry.

Renewable Energy Solutions of meeco

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