Domiciliation Service: Why should I incorporate in Switzerland?



October 21, 2019


11:54 am


In today’s globalised and connected world, companies often aim to expand across their national borders. A domicile company in Switzerland offers an attractive way to enhance business activities and to enter the European as well as other markets. A representative office in the Swiss canton of Zug furthermore underlines the aspiration and highly professional background of a company taking its business form the highly reputable country of Switzerland to the world. There are many reasons and advantages as to why you should incorporate in Switzerland. As a Swiss – based company, we have summarised the five most interesting ones:

1. Location

Switzerland’s location in Western Europe and direct neighborhood to economically strong countries such as Germany, Austria, Italy and France offer great opportunities to enter the European market. Although the country is not a member of the European Union, it is perfectly suited for trading across the borders. Due to several bilateral agreements, there are almost no barriers to market accessibility and the country has become a major trading partner of the European Union.


2. Innovation:

Industry sectors such as banking, insurance, chemistry and biological sciences are highly developed in Switzerland. Many foreign companies choose to settle here, as to benefit from excellent working conditions, infrastructure and economical neutrality. Thanks to this international network of experts that has grown, there is also a huge amount of innovations and patents that are generated from within. Research and development are important aspects fostered by the universities and institutes at the same time.


3. Tax rates:

One cannot deny that this is another favourable aspect as to why one would be choosing to incorporate its company in Switzerland. Switzerland is divided into cantons and communes, which are autonomous in fixing their respective tax rates and deductions. Therefore, companies can benefit from tax rates and tax security that are amongst the lowest in Europe. Moreover, cantons are willing to provide attractive conditions for companies in order to attract investors, create new jobs and push the local economy.


4. Reputation:

Switzerland has an excellent reputation in terms of economic conditions and business environment. The combination of renowned international companies, the strong industry sectors and the high standard of living creates an attractive setting for investors and founders alike. Moreover, the political and financial situation is supremely stable and ensures a prosperous economic climate.


Domicilation in Switzerland is recommended due to attractive conditions for companies and its perfectly suited location in central Europe.


5. Low risk:

Last but not least. The founding of a domiciliation company in Switzerland is a fast and low-risk procedure. In the first step, you establish a prestigious domicile as a basis for your business relations and contracts. As a Swiss holding, you can then incorporate local companies in other European countries as well as across the Globe.


The advantages of a domicile company in Switzerland convince many entrepreneurs from all over the world. Through our Mandaconsult AG, a 100% subsidiary of our Swiss-based company, we have been offering for many years support throughout the whole domiciliation process with our high-quality services in the Canton of Zug, with by the way the lowest tax rates on companies in Switzerland. These services include the founding and registration of a domicile company tailored to your specific needs, the management of all the administrative tasks including mailbox management as well as support in terms of public relation and marketing services. You will find more information about our expertise and the procedure here.