Why go solar?




March 13, 2020


10:13 am

Why go solar?


In the recent years, climate change awarness has become a constant amongst the majority of the global population. The media, and particularly the online based, persistently turn news around saving the planet, environmental pollution, plastic usage reduction, alternative energy sources and carbon footprint reduction.

The positive results arising from this multitude of information not only modified certain habits it also led to a faster development of the PV solar market. Cost-effective renewable energy systems and energy storage solutions for private individuals and their homes as well as new innovative renewable energy solutions were introduced into the market. However, the most important aspect is the general change in the consciousness of the population on their home, the planet Earth. A substantial improvement is noted in their thinking and understanding of the solar energy systems and usage.


Why go solar?

Due to this general consciousness, more and more people and companies are deciding to go solar. You might be thinking “Why should I do this, too?” It is well known, that renewable energies are non-polluting solutions for generating heat and electricity. But there are more reasons, why solar has become available to more people and led to the fastest growing electricity source and the least expensive on the planet.


1. Why go solar? – Financial aspects

Reducing energy bills and protecting against rising energy costs are two good reasons to ponder upon a solar investment. At first glance, a complete photovoltaic system, including a top-tier energy storage solution, may seem expensive for houseowners. The commodity of having its own solar energy production system save energy costs for the lifetime of the PV system. The amortization being around up to ten years, the average lifetime of the solar plant is about 30 to 35 years, a simple calculation resulting in a drastic reduction of electric bills for the homeowners. Even if your photovoltaic system doesn´t generate 100 percent of the electricity you consume, PV systems will save a lot of money.


Financial aspects - Why go solar?
And there are more additional financial reasons to go solar:

✓ PV systems increase the property value: Homes and residences equipped with photovoltaic systems have higher property values and sell quicker than non-solar homes.
✓ The costs for solar modules and energy storage components have fallen continuously over the years – there is no better time to go solar than now!


2. Why go solar? – Set a good example, be a trendsetter, do the right thing!

Private houseowners who go solar are inspirational for their neighborhood. Communities recognize the social responsibility of solar system operators and see a good example in them. A photovoltaic system with an energy storage solution protects your home against power outages and supplies your family with cost-effective, reliable energy.

House owners do not need to worry about if a solar system matches their home. PV system no longer require a special type of house or roof. Nearly every building is predestinated for photovoltaic. Meanwhile, renewable energy solutions vary and are customizable for practically any conditions to suit a specific location.


With solar energy, your home becomes self-sustainable producing its own energy, and can even reach an independency from the grid if storage is added to the system. Without solar energy, your home depends on limited fossil fuels and the national grids, many times unreliable and extensively expensive. By investing in a renewable energy solution, you can protect your home and family from unpredictable price increases. The sun will not increase its price rates!

Our recommendation for renewable energy generation and top-tier energy storage solution is sun2safe. It is an intelligent all-in-one energy management system, developed to minimize energy costs and optimize private energy consumption.
Become independent: Consume your own generated energy when it is needed most!


3. Why go solar? – Stay competitive! Take advantage!

Not only individuals are environmentally responsible. Companies as well as commercial and public buildings are also are obligated to sustainability. Those buildings normally offer a large roof surface or area, which is suitable for photovoltaic systems. Reducing energy costs, decreasing the carbon footprint and fewer power outages are essential reasons for going solar.

Especially, photovoltaic solutions for schools, hospitals, social institutions etc. should be supported by the state. It is mandatory that buildings like these, particularly if they are located in remote areas, have a constant and reliable energy supply and that these institutions benefit from the power of the sun to save energy costs and apply the saved money for other, more important purposes.


Here too, companies can be inspirational for others. Companies who go solar stay competitive and are a good example for others. More and more people are environmentally conscious as well as sustainable, live by this principle and chose to buy sustainable products, which means in long term: No sustainability – no business. For this reason, it is recommendable for companies to leave their own green footprint before their consumers decide to shop at a more environmentally responsible company.

As an extensive experienced photovoltaic project planner, we have realized several projects worldwide for different institutions and companies. Here are some of the highlight projects:


Why go solar? Alternative ways to do one´s bit to save the planet

For sure, not every single individual, residence or company will generate and use its own clean energy for itself in the near future. But for the future, everybody can give its small contribution for a better environment and planet.

What can I do to improve the environment?

  • ✓ Shop local and sustainable: don´t use plastic bags, buy sustainable products
  • ✓ Bike, walk or use public transport to work or other activities
  • ✓ Save energy by turning off unnecessary devices
  • ✓ Recycle paper, plastic and glass


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