What are the main benefits of having a solar panel installation at home?


Miguel Cascarano


October 7, 2022


11:18 am
Panel installation at home

That’s the exact question that Dan asked himself before getting to know meeco and learning about the specifics of solar installations: what are the main benefits of having a solar panel installation at home?.

Today Dan enjoys a 6,48kWp residential installation that produces energy in a predictable manner and allows him to enjoy the great feeling of seeing how much money he saves every day doing virtually nothing. He connects to his app, either on the computer or on his phone (especially on sunny days) and gets excited seeing how much of his consumption is covered by the enormous ball of fire that brings life to earth. 

As a matter of fact, one of the advantages is to reduce the electricity bill, which might look meaningless day by day, but considering how it compounds can become quite significant as time goes by. On top of that, on the economic front, not only are you saving money on energy, but you also have the option of selling it if there’s an excess, getting paid for it.

Something that many forget about solar panels is the fact that they also add value to your home, as it’s an asset that not many own and is able to provide energy for 15 to 20 years, sometimes even more. Taking into account that generally these investments are paid off in 4 to 5 years the upside is clear.

Other advantages to keep in mind are mainly the reduction of your carbon footprint in a world that is drowning from an ecological point of view, the protection of the environment and the incentive it gives companies to start turning to renewable solutions. What will happen when all the consumers consistently chose renewable energies?

Capitalism is driven by the markets, we as consumers have the power to change it. Solar panels require little maintenance, which is also interesting, as warranties will cover the integrity of your installation at least as long as it takes to pay it back and you get the government benefits and beneficial regulation.

The only negative point that one would have to consider is the fact that in order to store the energy there’s the need of a battery and even then, it’s always better to be connected to the grid in case you use too much energy on a particular day or there’s a particularly stormy day that messes with the expected energy to be generated. But this does not change that it’s a first step towards becoming energetically independent and free from the grasp of the big companies that hold all the power. 

Here are the last words our dear Dan shared with us after the installation: “Thanks to you and everyone else at Meeco. I could not be more happy with the solar panels and all the great work done for me by your company. If there is anything I can do to help promote Meeco, just let me know.” 

Thank you, Dan, it was a pleasure!