Water Turbine Demonstration project in Punjab’s Sirhind Canal




May 2, 2013


4:29 pm

meeco-Smart Hydro Punjab India

Swiss meeco group installs hydropower for Punjab Energy Development Agency (PEDA).

ZUG/GURGAON.  The Indian subsidiary of The meeco Group, meeco India Pvt Ltd, was invited by the Punjab Energy Development Agency (PEDA) to show a new kinetic micro hydropower energy technology in the state of Punjab by setting up a of 5 Kilowatt demonstration project in one of the regions’ canals.

For this off-grid renewable energy solution, The meeco Group has decided to cooperate with the German company Smart Hydro Power GmbH, who has one if not the best micro hydropower technologies in the market. “This remote power generation solution, will allow PEDA to make use of its natural resources without harm and to provide energy for agricultural or lighting applications, rural communities or industrial companies located near the Sirhind Canal system” says Tarun Munjal, Managing Director of meeco India.

As the State Nodal Agency for promotion & development of Renewable Energy programs and projects in the state of Punjab, PEDA is looking into all possible renewable energy sources, and given the many Punjab canals, hydropower is a logical choice. By installing this new kind of power generating source, the Agency wants to demonstrate the potential of one of the largest irrigation systems in India with to supply energy for major actors in the region. Indeed, the Sirhind Canal system, which draws its water from the Sutlej River irrigates over 2,000 square miles of farmland and splits into three branches, having thus a greatly unlocked potential for hydropower generation.

While inviting The meeco Group, Sh. Balaur Singh, Director of PEDA, said “Punjab is well endowed with an abundance of hydro resources. Micro Kinetic Energy is a completely new concept that has the potential to unlock a large amount of power in the hundreds of kilometers of rivers and canals flowing through Punjab”.