Victory of Aurelio Gutiérrez and SunCarrier Joy de Talma in La Beata, Jaén




April 21, 2010


5:34 pm

Aurelio Gutierrez was the winner of the ONE STAR NATIONAL GRAND PRIX, taking place from the 16th until the 18th of April at the installations of La Yeguada La Beata. The Canarian rider, who lives in Seville, performed the trials without any fault with the French Suncarrier Joy de Talma.

He was the only one of six other riders, finalizing without faults a tie-breaking procedure. Aurelio Gutierrez passed the tiebreak also with Suncarrier Chirigota W finishing in sixth place.

I have competed very few this season during the first trials of the year. I have been dedicating myself to the preparation of young horses. Joy de Talma is a horse of high quality and lots of experience. The horse is now in a good condition”, says the rider of the Yeguada Westfalia.