The meeco Group took part in the largest trade fair in Paraguay Expo Mariano Roque Alonso in Asunción




September 13, 2010


9:25 am

From July 10th to August 1st 2010 the largest international trade fair of Paraguay took place in Mariano Roque Alonso. Mariano Roque Alonso is a suburb of Asunción, the capital of Paraguay. The exhibit booth for meeco America Latina S.A. promoted the sun2goTM, the mobile energy generator developed by The meeco Group, as well as meecos other off-grid energy solutions. A second sun2goTM was exhibited by Itaipu Binacional, the largest electricity company of Paraguay.

The first picture shows the Itaipu Binancional pavilion with a model house for educational purposes along with meecos Rosemarie Jann and Carlos Ledesma, the Expo Manager and engineer for renewable energies in Itaipu. Electricity for the model house was supplied by the sun2goTM and showed the cumulative electricity consumption of several devices.

Just before the expo opened, Stuart Moss, The meeco Groups Worldwide Director for Off-Grid Solutions, participated in a very popular radio program at one of the largest radio stations of Paraguay, Radio Ñanduti, on the topic of renewable energies. Listen to the program.

During the expo, meeco America Latinas Oliver and Rosemarie Jann gave lectures about the future of energy in both the Itaipu Binacional pavilion and exhibit booth of the German-Paraguayan Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

The Expo Mariano Roque Alonso was followed by a smaller trade fair for small and medium-sized companies from August 13-15. The participating companies were all organized in cooperatives that represent potential distributors and consumers of The meeco Groups off-grid solutions. Rosemarie and Oliver Jann from meeco America Latina also took part in this trade fair with an exhibit booth. After this smaller trade fair the ABC Color, the largest Paraguayan newspaper, published an article concerning The meeco Group and its products. That article can be found below this one.