The meeco Group to install major solar water pumping system in the Chaco region




November 19, 2013


4:26 pm

Paraguayan ranch to be equipped with six sun2flow solutions

Zug/Asunción. The meeco Group, through its subsidiary meeco América Latina, will supply and install a 30.760 Wp sun2flow solar water pumping system for a newly established water supply system of a large cattle farm. The system will be located near the “Defensores del Chaco” National Park, a remote area without any access to the electricity grid 250 km North of Filadelfia, the capital city of the Boquéron region in Paraguay. This sun2flow will provide the farm’s cattle population with drinking water.

The installation will consist of 15 fixed sun2flow systems, each equipped with 1.920 Wp Würth CIS modules. Additionally each system, equipped with pumps and floaters, will drain up to 100.000 liters of water a day. These installations will be complemented by a mobile system, equipped with 1.960 Wp Lightway polycrystalline modules to support the fixed systems for peak consumption times. The combined capacity of the 16 systems amounts to a total of 1.600.000 liters per day, enough to supply drinking water for 25.000 head of cattle. The farm will first be equipped with 5 fixed and 1 mobile sun2flow systems, and 10 more fixed solutions will be installed subsequently early 2014.

“After completion, this sun2flow installation will be the biggest solar powered water pumping project that has ever been carried out in the region, especially in such a remote area. The first phase of construction has already started and shall be completed by the end of November,” explains Dr. Oliver Jann, Director of meeco América Latina “The reliability and near zero running costs of the sun2flow system have enabled it to become the most sought after and highly  popular solar solution among Paraguayan farmers and landowners, who have widely adopted solar power as a reliable source of energy” adds Dr. Jann.


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