The meeco Group supports “Alicante´s Las Hogueras de San Juan” festival and scout camp with its SunCarrier hot-air balloon




October 18, 2010


12:53 pm

The meeco Group sponsors horse jumping and e-power racing, as well as other important events with regard to clean energy. In June 2010 The meeco Group used its SunCarrier hot-air balloon during the famous Las Hogueras de San Juan (St John´s Bonfires) festival in Alicante (Spain). Just some weeks later, the hot-air balloon was in action at a scout camp of the German Association of Protestant Girl Guides and Boy Scouts (VCP) from July 29 to August 7 in near Wolfsburg (Germany) with the Guides and Scouts on a panoramic view of the camp.

The famous festival “Las Hogueras de San Juan”, which took place in Alicante from the 20th to the 29th of June, is a very important and well-known Spanish festival which marks the arrival of the summer solstice. Under the command of one of the best balloon drivers of the world, Mr. Wilhelm Eimers, assisted by Mr. Thomas Beindorf, a member of the board of The meeco Group, partners and employees enjoyed a ride on the balloon.

The SunCarrier hot-air balloon embarked on another ride within the scout camp of the VCP in Almke near Wolfsburg (Germany) a few weeks later. With 5,000 campers it was the largest VCP scout camp ever. The camp was environmentally self-sustainable: For the Guides and Scouts at this unique camp, sustainability was more than just a modern phrase, because to ”leave a place a little better than you found it” is a central premise of Scouting. Therefore, The meeco Group provided five sun2goTM (its portable energy solution) for several educational projects and to generate renewable energy for hand tools, laptops and mobile phone charging. The meeco Group then invited the winners of the camp’s “sustainability contest” on a ride in the SunCarrier hot-air balloon. “With the hot-air balloon we want to promote the use of renewable energy and to support important events all over the world”, said Dieter Trutschler, member of the board of The meeco Group.