The meeco Group strengthens local partnerships in the Maldives




October 30, 2014


9:36 am


Business trip for further local cooperation and market development

Last week, some members of the meeco management team attended meetings with clients during a business trip in the Maldives. Several ongoing and a number of new projects have been discussed for the coming year.

The meeco Group is present in Maldives since several years, working with key strategic partners. The country represents huge opportunities for the development of the clean energy sector, especially thanks to high radiation rates throughout the year. However, the Maldives is still highly dependent on electricity produced by diesel generators, which covers indeed 85% of the national energy demand. Tourism, the most important business sector, increases due to the very positive business development the daily demand in energy and thus the impact on the environment and carbon footprint. The meeco Group is therefore willing to fulfill its mission by increasing the use of clean energy. The meeco team has shared during those days with several clients (hotels and resorts as well as industries) its future projects to foster a transition towards a sustainable model based on renewable energies in conjunction with the existing power infrastructure. During the meetings, topics such as the development of partnerships, identification of new solar projects, reducing the energy bills and hence the dependency on diesel fuel, were put in the center of the debates.


After the conclusion of an agreement with the Villa Group, one of the biggest corporations in the country, The meeco Group is currently finalising all details and preparation works for the execution of the project cluster of 4,76 MWp of sun2live solar power capacity for 6 different locations of the Villa Group. For these installations, meeco is taking care of the design, engineering, layout, project execution and the procurement of the components while Villa Group is arranging the shipment and provision of manpower for the implementation of the project with meeco’s supervision. With an installed capacity of 1,210 kWp, the solar sun2live installation at Maamigili airport, will be the largest solar project in the Maldives, making The meeco Group the biggest supplier of renewable energies of the country and allowing the Villa Group to save up to $244,80 per hour taking into consideration a seven hour solar production.

quote „We are glad to assist the Maldives to work on new alternatives and increase the usage of renewable energies. We exchanged ideas with industrial clients as well as governmental institutions about potential future projects to enhance renewable energy and environmental sustainability on the islands“.

Corinna Fischer
, Key Account Manager at The meeco Group

During the discussions, new locations for solar top tier sun2roof projects have been secured. In the next 3 months, The meeco Group plans to execute first test installations on agricultural islands as well as supplying its intelligent and compact energy management sun2safe system for BTS stations. The meeco team is determined to encourage the use of clean energy in the Maldives and was glad to share its ideas with partners during this fruitful business expedition.