The meeco Group spreads its wings to India




August 16, 2010


11:05 am

The meeco Group spreads its wings to the land endowed with sunshine as well as an appetite for additional power, INDIA, by establishing a subsidiary based in NCT of DelhiGurgaon. India is poised to expand its role in PV adoption and become a leading destination for such technology. Specific drivers for PV in India include the countrys rapidly rising need for primary energy and electricity, the persistent energy deficit situation, the countrys overdependence on coal for electricity generation and on oil and gas imports (amounting to 7 % of its GDP). Recent policy announcements made by the government of Indias Ministry of Renewable Energy have given an impetus to expand this industry in India. These factors, coupled with abundant irradiation (most parts of the country enjoying 300 sunny days a year), make PV particularly attractive to the countrys energy strategy.

There is also enormous potential for off-grid PV deployment, in India, based on real needs and benefits, in the areas of rural electrification, servicing the power requirements for Indias rapidly growing telecommunication infrastructure, defense applications and powering irrigation pump sets.

Mr. Suresh C. Pahwa and Mr. Tarun Munjal are leading meecos Indian operations as Directors based in Gurgaon. They are further expanding our local organization, which will be integrated into meecos global delivery model and expertise. This geographic expansion will further support The meeco Groups important goals of reducing carbon emissions and spurring economic growth throughout the world by creating reliable and affordable renewable energy.