The meeco Group signs general agreement with Spanish Group APIA XXI




October 11, 2010


11:41 am

The Spanish Group APIA XXI and The meeco Group have signed a general agreement to collaborate on photovoltaic projects in Europe, focusing on the markets in Spain, Italy, France, UK and the Middle East. Both partners envision a promising future working together to develop solar energy projects.

The Group APIA XXI was founded in 1987 and is headquartered in Santander (Cantabria, Spain). Group APIA XXI has established a wide network of offices in the four key geographic areas: Spain, Latin America, Central Europe and the USA. The group focuses its work on four business areas: engineering, construction, new technology research and business development. Group APIA XXI has a workforce of more than 600 professionals, capable of offering comprehensive solutions within all engineering and architectural fields.

In the field of renewable energy, Group APIA XXI has for example developed several PV Greenhouse projects, the first company in Spain to complete one. “El Coronil,” located in Sevilla, is currently producing both electricity and ornamental plants and mushrooms.

Group APIA XXI is well known in Spain, not only for its references in industry and energy, but also for large infrastructure projects such as the Santander football stadium, La Barqueta bridge in Sevilla, or the M-40 Bypass in Madrid.