The meeco Group launches its brand new sun2safe solution




January 14, 2014


4:20 pm

Energy management system maximizes energy production and consumption efficiency

Zug, Switzerland. The meeco Group has added a new product to its wide renewable energy product range: the sun2safe solution, a preferably solar renewable (for example solar or hydro) power conversion, storage and energy management tool to be seamlessly associated with power production systems. This solution, equipped with energy storage, ensures that the produced energy is intelligently managed to feed the connected consumers or to provide surplus energy into storage. It also allows for better insight and monitoring of power production versus consumption, leading to better understanding and thereby management of produced energy and savings.

The sun2safe was initially designed as a monitoring and management tool for meeco’s sun2live power production and storage solution as well as the sun2com solar telecommunication solution. The sun2safe has since then evolved into a much broader solution. It has been further developed and improved by the meeco technical department into a fully integrated power conversion, storage and management system which can be used with any kind of power production solution (renewable and non-renewable). The device is composed of three core elements, a battery charger with two PV ports with independent MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) tracking channels, an inverter powered either by battery or AC line, and a microprocessor unit with integrated communication facilities (wifi, wired and via mobile networks) for the management and continued optimization of the energy uses as well as a 7” display for simple parameter consultation.

“We are proud to introduce the sun2safe solution to the global market, as this tool will help our clients worldwide to make sure that no produced energy is lost or inefficiently used”, explains Claudio Alberti, Director of meeco Services Italy and the chief engineer behind this product. “With such an energy management tool, our clients will also be able to understand and handle their energy consumption better, enabling them to save energy and money” adds Mr Alberti.

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