The meeco Group invests in Yokohama-based oursun Japan Ltd



July 4, 2013


2:11 pm

oursun Japan Ltd Agreement_header

Sub-holding of the Swiss Group to meet renewable energy needs in Japan

Zug/Yokohama. oursun Japan Holding AG, a company in which The meeco Group is a shareholder, has officially acquired the Yokohama-based oursun Japan Ltd holding company last June 27th 2013. The latter is now a sub-holding of the Swiss company, oursun Japan Holding AG, established in April this year, and is a consequence of the first Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) reached on February 22nd between the BIJ Corporation – fully-owned subsidiary of the Inter Action Corporation of Japan, finergia advisory & finance s.r.l. of Italy and meeco Invest AG of Switzerland.

The agreement was signed at the Inter Action Corporation and BIJ Corporation offices in Yokohama by Mr. Takao Kiji, General Manager of oursun Japan Ltd, CEO and President of BIJ Corp., Mr. Andrea Gatti, CEO of finergia and Mr. Dieter Trutschler, Sales Director of The meeco Group.

As agreed in the initial MoU, the Japanese Joint-Venture partner, BIJ Corporation will be managing oursun Japan Ltd and ramping up its business with its local resources. The focus of oursun Japan Ltd is to develop small and mid-size solar projects within the national Feed-in-Tariff (FiT) in Japan including rooftop installations. Additionally it will promote the sun2liveTM solar and storage solutions for both off-grid and shave-off scenarios in Japan as well as in Fiji and the Solomon Islands. oursun Japan Ltd will therefore directly benefit from The meeco Group‘s wide range of renewable product offering and its expertise in project development and financing in association with finergia.

oursun Japan Ltd will be sharing offices with the BIJ Corporation at the Yokohama-Kanazawa High-Tech Center. ‘Signing the final acquisition of the Japanese sub-holding clearly demonstrates The meeco Group’s commitment to enter the Japanese as well as the Fiji and Solomon Islands market. Associating ourselves to local strong entities such as the BIJ Corporation and Inter Action Corporation is the only way to succeed in the market but also to enter the Fiji and Solomon island in a reliable and sustainable way,’ explains Trutschler.