The meeco Group extends presence on social media



January 23, 2013


11:35 am

The swiss-based group strengthens communication on professional networks

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The meeco Group has recently decided to set up a new social media strategy that aims at improving its presence on the web. Corporate accounts have been consistently implemented and a direct link has been added on the homepage using social media buttons, which now connect to The meeco Group’s pages on LinkedIn, Xing, Twitter and Google+. These buttons will complete the main online communication tools already in place, namely the website and blog which have now been in place for more than 4 years.

“At The meeco Group, not only do we develop and install quality off-grid and grid-connected sustainable renewable energy projects but we also talk about it.  Networking and dialog are two pillars of our communication”, declares Dieter Trutschler, Sales Director at The meeco Group.  “The renewable energy market and meeco continue to grow in markets such Latina America, Asia and Africa where online presence is vital, which explains why we insist on having a continuous online visibility”, adds Trutschler. In charge of steering these improvements on professional social media networks is Thibault Dusser, Masters student at the Euromed Management in Marseille.  “Social media platforms are not just a relay to and from our website, they offer a real interaction with our community and allow us to learn from our followers’ feedback”, says Dusser.  During his 6-month internship with The meeco Group, Dusser has put in place blog and social media processes that will help ensure a consistent communication across channels. The social media channels will inform on latest trends in the industry and post updates on meeco solutions and projects, so that clients and partners stay informed.

Dusser explains the choice of networks: “Professional networks such as LinkedIn and Xing have been the priority as they combine both social exchanges and professional networking, allowing to communicate and recruit if needed among our community.”

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