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February 15, 2016


2:02 pm


Study Delphi Energy Future 2040 proves significance of renewables

Worldwide energy systems are undergoing a fundamental transformation.  A steady economic and demographic growth causes an enormous hunger for energy, which many countries are still trying to satisfy with polluting fossil fuels. But at the same time a number of considerable investments into alternative energy sources mark a turning point in terms of fostering smart, clean and reliable energy provision.


ThemeecoGroup-CO2 Emission worldwide

 The top 3 emitting countries in 2014, based on their share of global CO2 emissions


Energy suppliers need to reinvent themselves in order to meet the different requirements and growing demands of their clients. With a long-lasting experience, the international team of the Swiss-based clean energy provider The meeco Group, designs, engineers and executes tailor-made solar energy solutions that cater the power needs of every possible region in the world. Particularly remote communities or areas with an unstable grid benefit from flexible clean power and storage solutions, such as sun2live, sun2flow, sun2go or sun2safe.

Currently, a detailed study by the German Association of Energy and Water Industries (BDEW), the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH (GIZ) and PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) covers the question, which energy systems will gain more importance in the upcoming 30 years. The so-called Delphi Energy Future 2040 study determines how technological and social developments will have an impact on the transformation of the energy market. The aim of the analysis is to provide guidance and a basis of decision-making for businesses as well as for policymakers and the society.

In order to get valuable results concerning future energy trends the Delphi research unit has interviewed more than 350 energy experts from over 40 countries and identified several predictions.These visceral predictions, transformed into theses, have been evaluated by a representative and independent group of experts regarding its probability.

The first interesting results are now available to the public: The majority of the experts believe that the whole international community will agree on binding targets for the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions by 2040 at the latest. According to the study, even 80 per cent of the respondents consider renewable energy sources as the most favourable alternative to generate electricity and moreover as a key factor for climate protection. Furthermore Delphi Energy Future 2040 has identified a trend to customized energy solutions.


ThemeecoGroup-Alternative-energy consumption

The part of clean energy consumption in the three largest producers of CO2 in 2014


The results of this survey have encouraged meeco to pursue the proven approach of serving clients with tailor-made solar solutions in order to ensure a reliable and eco-friendly energy supply. The group will continue its expansion on a global scale through the development of innovative concepts to build a greener environment and to fight climate change.


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