Water pumping solution eases life of rancher in Paraguay




June 4, 2015


12:24 pm

Less effort for maintenance through meeco turnkey solution

Robert Hirsch is the owner and the manager of the ranch Estancia Pozo Once in Paraguay for which he has been working for 20 year. His daily missions and responsibilities are to manage, delegate and control work done in the farm.

The sun2flow turnkey solutions of The meeco Group met the needs and the requirements of the farm by providing solar powered water pumping which in the short to medium term will drastically reduce costs and efforts to distribute drinking water and thus, increase profitability of the operations by improving cattle and meat production.

Through this interview, we will discover how The meeco Group, through its local subsidiary in Paraguay, has changed the daily work locally. Thus we will get an insight into the transitions that were possible thanks to the sun2flow turnkey solutions, as well as understand how Robert Hirsch managed the start-up phase of this new technology.


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• Could you describe us a usual day of work before the installation of the sun2flow water pumping system?

Before the installation of the sun2flow water pumping system, we used to use some Australian cisterns that were working with gas or diesel pumps. This solution was really expensive and required lot of repairs and maintenance. Moreover, they also required to be tested two times a day, which implied technicians to drive 16 extra kilometres every day.


• Could you share some details about a usual day of work after the installation of the sun2flow turnkey solution ?

After the installation of the sun2flow water pumping system, it was like a dream and we wondered why we did not have decided to go for such an installation earlier!

However, short after the installation we took to the habit to drive more often to check on the installations, but that was only because we wanted to see how fast, seamless and reliable they were running!


• What kind of issues were you encountering at work before the installation? Did the installation solve these problems?

Our biggest problems before the installation of the sun2flow systems have been maintenance and the amount of money that we had to spend for diesel. The sun2flow systems have solved these problems and from that moment, we did not have to drive there, whatsoever the weather, to check on the installations.


The source of water required for the sun2flow water pumping solution
The source providing the water for the sun2flow water pumping solution

solar panel of the sun2flow water pumping solution
View on the solar panel of the sun2flow water pumping solution

pipes providing water to the cattle
The water goes from the lake to the ranch through these pipes


• Would you say that it has improved the efficiency and the productivity of your facility?

I could not say that the sun2flows systems have improved our efficiency and productivity as these rely more on our cattle and the way we work with them. But commercially we have improved. We have calculated that it would be less expensive to install sun2flow solar pumps that could provide us electricity where needed instead of using these Australian cisterns that were far away burning up fuel each and every day.


• Would you recommend the sun2flow turnkey solution of The meeco Group?

We have been used to work a lot with windmills before and we always had problems with it and overall it was very expensive. We are connected to the electricity grid and the price for it is very low. But if I was in a zone without being grid-connected, I would with no doubt use only solar systems or maybe a combination of solar and other renewable energy technology. We have been looking for the less expensive and efficient solution on the market and after long-lasting reflexion and discussions, we agreed for the sun2flow water pumping system, which I have already recommended to many people.


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