The meeco Group at Paraguay’s Expo Rodeo Trébol 2012



August 13, 2012


6:45 pm

Renewable energy, water pumping and storage solutions in Loma Plata

From 15th to 19th August, the largest agricultural and livestock exhibition in Paraguay, the Expo Rodeo Trébol will take place in Loma Plata, Chaco. The meeco Group will be present via its subsidiary meeco América Latina S.A. during this five-day exhibition to show the latest renewable energy products and solutions with an 81 square meter outdoor space situated in the “Sector Industrial”, plot No. E37-39.

Rodeo Trébol is a nationwide event, which not only attracts visitors from across the country but also neighboring nations, reaching close to 28.000 visitors in 2011. The fact that this exhibition, which is organized by the Asociación Rodeo Trébol, takes place in the Chaco region is not just a coincidence. As a matter of fact, this region is known for being the driving force of Paraguay’s agribusiness, a sector that positions the country in rank 12 of the world’s largest beef exporters. Cattle breeding and agriculture all are activities that require electrical power, both for water pumping or lighting purposes. At Rodeo Trébol, The meeco Group will showcase the best renewable energy options to answers these needs from small to large scale, serving from private to industrial clients.

Alongside the second generation of the sun2go portable power solutions, and the latest sun2live combined solar and energy storage solutions, meeco will also be presenting full size models of the all-new sun2flow water-pumping system in its trailer and fixed versions. sun2flow systems are also the perfect answer to fulfill energy needs of desalination equipment. Therefore this year, Mr. Arnold Thielmann, CEO of Fontenova – a desalination equipment specialist based in Asunción, is meeco’s special booth guest. “Ground water in the Chaco region is in fact very salty, which makes solar powered desalination systems all the more interesting as they can not only desalinate water but also demineralize it selectively and thereby retain valuable minerals which enhance cattle productivity” explains Dr. Oliver Jann, Director of meeco América Latina.

Although the market has recently gone through though times with floods and temporary beef export restrictions, Dr. Jann believes better times are just around the corner. “The market is clearly regaining confidence day by day and in a few months livestock exports are expected to take off”, says Dr. Jann. “This will obviously impact our business as the hesitation to invest in renewable energy solutions will be replaced by a real confidence in green long-term investments. Today, renewable energy is 100% cost competitive against any diesel-operated equipment, not just in remote regions but almost anywhere in the world”, insists Dr. Jann. “As a leader in renewable energy services and solutions, this is where our strength lies” concludes Dr. Jann.

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