The meeco Group at FILDA 2011 (Angola)




July 28, 2011


1:41 pm

From July 19 to 24, The meeco Group was present at the 28th FILDA edition, the largest exhibition in Angola. For the second year in a row, The meeco Group has showcased the latest solar and energy storage technologies at FILDA, namely the already known sun2go portable power solutions, the sunGrid off-grid energy solutions and the all-in-one CellCube (Vanadium Redox based) energy storage solution for grid-buffering or remote power supply.

This year, over a 1000 visitors passed by the meeco booth, located in the “Made in Germany” quarter, which was elected the best foreign country participation at FILDA 2011, just like in 2010. Personalities such as Angola’s Minister of Economy, Abrahão Gourgel and Germany’s Chancellor, Angela Merkel, also visited the booth. Overall, the impression from meeco’s participation at FILDA is that it was once again able to successfully reach out to companies in Angola that care about a cleaner future. A growing number of visitors showed a clear interest for renewable energies in spite of the very abundant oil resources in Angola. “Our solar energy solutions combined with efficient storage technology are a real asset in Angola and generally speaking central Africa”, says Peer-Olav Schmidt, meeco’s representative in Portugal and Angola. “It allows for increased power supply autonomy and less time spent in fuel purchase and distribution as it would be in diesel generator based environments. If you consider both local transport infrastructures and territory occupation, then renewable energies not only are profitable but they also make perfect sense”, explains Mr. Schmidt.

As in last year’s edition, Exergia Angola, an Exergia company, leader in engineering and construction in Portuguese-speaking countries was also present at FILDA with The meeco Group. “Participating at FILDA with such an international and experienced player as The meeco Group has helped us broaden our services and be recognized as a credible partner in the area of renewable energy”, says Dr. Germano, Director of Exergia Angola.

FILDA will remain a key event in the years to come and The meeco Group closely follows the market.