The meeco Group adds iKUBE to its mobile energy product range




July 22, 2013


2:16 pm

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1.4 kW solar generator with storage reinforces small-sized sun2live solutions

Zug. The meeco Group has recently added a new product innovation to its sun2live range of solar energy and storage solutions, called iKUBE. This mobile energy solution, manufactured by Italian experts Pro D3 s.r.l., is equipped with up to 1.4 Kilowatt power capacity and 400 Ampere-hour of storage capacity, completes the lower-output level of the sun2live solutions provided by the Swiss Group.

Its nine square meters of photovoltaic sail fold into a two cubic meter container mounted on wheels, which turns the iKUBE into an easy-to-transport off-grid (or even on grid) power source for small clinics, offices and houses, agricultural as well as other commercial operations, rural communities, lighting and other similar applications. The mobile solution is also available as an individual kit, which can be installed for a fixed use in custom tailored sizes and output / performance parameters.

After an initial test and trial phase of one year, The meeco Group engineering team helped Pro D3 optimize the iKUBE solution for markets with demanding climate conditions such as islands and windy territories, turning it into a more robust mobile energy solution. The newly revised product version will be distributed in every country where The meeco Group is currently active or where a major stake is held. After-sales will be assumed locally via all subsidiaries of the Swiss Group as well as its joint venture partners. The market entry price for the standard iKUBE F150 unit is of 8.000 Euro, prices for the kit version vary according to the power capacity delivered.


Update July 2018

To align the brand name of the former iKube system to our sun2-product-range we have changed the name into sun2go xl. As portable off-grid energy system sun2go xl further delivers the best quality and the most efficient solar power and storage system features and benefits to its customers. Thanks to its flexible application, it satisfies the requirements of private houses, shops, emergency stations, restaurants and many more.