The importance of storage for PV.


Miguel Cascarano


October 7, 2022


12:02 pm

Increase self-consumption by installing solar panels with an integrated or separate accumulator.

If you have sustained energy consumption, especially in the evening and weekend hours, then a photovoltaic storage system is what you need! Not only do you have significant savings on your utility bill, but it allows you to reach a level of almost total energy independence.

The market today is very large and the price of an accumulator has consequently dropped a lot, making this form of installation affordable. The use of photovoltaic energy storage systems for residential consumers is reaching a tipping point unimaginable years ago, and that why we need to know the importance of storage for PV. Thanks to a continuous technological progress, batteries currently on the market offer increasingly efficient solutions for investments that can be recovered fairly quickly.

A storage system perfectly adapts to different needs during the day.

At dawn, the PV system starts producing energy, but not enough to cover morning consumption. The storage provides the energy necessary with the one stored the day before. During the day, the battery pack stores energy when it is produced in excess, but is also ready to supply it immediately as soon as consumption rises above production, avoiding grid purchases and/or disconnections.

Most household consumption is concentrated during the evening hours when the PV system is now about to shut down. The batteries will cover the energy needs with the energy stored during the day also giving the benefit of more available power.

Thanks to decades of expertise, meeco offers and designs efficient and reliable on-site energy storage systems able to meet every energy requirements, optimize expenditures and avoid bill increases.

This is the case of the project recently built by meeco in Bacarot, Alicante. It is a system equipped with 10 top tier monocrystalline high-performance modules and sized 5kWh batteries, designed to cover the maximum consumption and allow the owner of the house to benefit from considerable savings.

“It was wise to have had a PV storage system installed” state the owners of the property. “It is giving us enormous benefits. Having focused on self-consumption has enabled us to stem the price increases due to the recent rise in energy costs”.

What about you? Change to self-consumption 🙂