Sun2safe: Energy Storage systems for a world with renewable energy


Miguel Cascarano


September 15, 2022


9:40 am

sun2safe the tailor-made-all-in-one energy management system developed by meeco

To provide a smooth flow of electricity, solar power requires uninterrupted conditions of sun. In darkness, that fluid flow stops. At the other extreme, on sunny days, solar systems and farms can produce more power than necessary.

Energy storage solutions can absorb excess energy produced by renewable resources, saving it for times of low production and to power cars, homes, commercial buildings and industrial sites.

In this transition to renewable energy and variable energy sources such as solar, The meeco Group engineers have been working on storage systems for decades, always combining the best and right components to guarantee stable and affordable solutions to clients willing to reduce their dependance on conventional systems.

The sun2safe by meeco is not only a simple energy storage solution but an all-in-one intelligent energy management system that grant a steady and reliable energy supply 365 days a year, combining and managing several sources in order to minimize costs and optimize power availability. 

The sun2safe system also guarantees a regular and close insight into power production and supervision of power consumption thanks to its special remote monitoring tool sun2see. Equipped with high performance top-tier batteries, this efficient concept ensures consistent energy provision.

“Being highly flexible”, states Mr. Tarun Munjal, Chief Engineer of the sun2safe, “our system not only ensures a predictable energy supply for customers in any situation but also creates a new level of self-sustainability. The management tool, in fact, helps users to better understand and handle their energy consumption, enabling them to save energy and money.”