sun2live rooftop project by The meeco Group in Lahore, Pakistan




March 27, 2013


2:21 pm


meeco solar rooftop installation in Lahore University 2013

42.24 kWp rooftop installation at one of Pakistan’s top universities completed

The meeco Group is delighted to announce the completion of a new sun2live installation on the rooftop of Lahore University Management School (LUMS) in Lahore, Pakistan.  The installation works have been finalized last week, March 13.  The photovoltaic installation on a prestigious university such LUMS is a significant step forward for The meeco Group, which will encourage other main regional actors to launch themselves into sustainable development. “We hope this improvement will influence other organization, which still have doubts when it comes to using solar energy, ” says Dieter Trutschler, Sales Director of The meeco Group.

Acting as 24/7 power supply source, shave off- or a backup solution, sun2live provides electricity to institutions such as LUMS, households, businesses, hospitals, schools and communities dependent on unreliable, expensive, or difficult-to-maintain power sources.  Modular solutions utilize the latest solar power generation developments (ground or roof-mounted) and a variety of energy storage technologies to meet each specific need.  This 42.24 kWp photovoltaic system installed on the rooftop of the Lahore University, which is part of a larger 2.5 MWp project, has successfully started production with a daily power output of 170.35 kWh and a minimum energy output of 62,200.00 kWh per year.  As with every project managed by The meeco Group, only top-tier solar technology components were selected such as BYD 240 P6-30 Si-Poly modules along with SMA Tripower inverters, supported by a K2 Systems structure.  This installation will represent yearly savings of more than 6.4 tons of CO2 emissions.

Pakistan, which is strongly affected by its limited access / availability of carbon based energy sources, has the strategy to develop its own resources inside the country.  In this way, the Alternative Energy Development Board (AEDB) was created in 2003 with the objective to replace 10% of the total energy output by renewable energy by 2050.  The meeco Group is proud to support this significant improvement.  Syed Saad Zafar, Sales Director for The meeco Group in Pakistan comments on this recent installation: “This project is clearly a success both for the comfort of the students and for the development of the country.  The meeco Group invests itself a lot in this region and we will see very soon other interesting projects to improve the energy access in the country”, adds Mr. Zafar, “once finished the installations should provide up to 2.5 MWp of clean renewable energy.”

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