sun2go portable solutions at AidEx 2011 in Brussels




October 26, 2011


1:10 pm

Last week (October 19-20), the inaugural edition of a new humanitarian aid event took place in Brussels, the AidEx. Over the two exhibition days, hundreds of humanitarian aid professionals met in Belgium’s capital and the heart of European institutions to discuss the current state of aid delivery and present efficient solutions to a global and critical issue.

Aware of the challenges this sector currently faces, and the need for long-term sustainable energy solutions, The meeco Group also took part in this international aid event, next to organizations like Caritas, the Red Cross, the UNDP or the World Bank.

The perfect partner to attend the exhibition was found in Cartay, a Madrid-based organization known for the quality and effectiveness of its Emergency response kits as well as the ability to react in short notice in case of humanitarian emergencies.  The meeco Group showcased its sun2go portable solution, a solar and grid-powered storage system, chosen in Angola by one of the world’s most trusted NGO’s, Doctors of the World.

‘Working these past two days at AidEx 2011 with a committed and experienced organization such as Cartay has been a great eye-opening and networking experience for us’ says Roland Viard, sun2go Head of Sales at meeco.  ‘By agreeing to show the sun2go at their booth, Cartay makes it clear that in addition to their emergency-oriented skills they also have in mind sustainable development. This common vision is what binds us with Cartay’ adds Viard.

Find below some impressions of AidEx and the sun2go.

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