sun2go launched in Portugal




March 3, 2010


11:18 am

The meeco Group has officially launched the sun2go portable solution into the Portuguese market at the Sinerclima trade show in Batalha, February 25-28.

Mr. Peer-Olav Schmidt, meeco’s local agent, described this first representation of the sun2go in Portugal as very successful, not only for the country itself but also with regard to the great demand arising from the African continent, particularly from Portuguese speaking nations such as Angola, Mozambique or even Cape Verde.

The sun2go trolley, which is capable of powering both DC and AC applications, proved to be of great interest to a lot of professionals and visitors for its compact architecture and robust body.

Upcoming participations of meeco in portuguese speaking regions will include the FILDA taking place in Luanda, Angola from the 20th to the 25th of July 2010. There, meeco will also launch its oursun off-grid solution, a product with great potential in these markets to compensate for the unreliable grid and to act as UPS stations.