Solar to Power Water: sun2flow PV system is the answer to sustainable water pumping


Miguel Cascarano


June 23, 2022


1:54 pm
Solar to Power Water: sun2flow PV system is the answer to sustainable water pumping 

This meeco engineered water pumping solution is designed as the ideal solution to pump water in off-grid areas and carry it where needed. The meeco’s sun2flow system can be installed and used in residential application to reduce costs and consumption in pumping water.

This is the case of the project meeco developed to meet the growing demand for electricity consumption and respond to the increasing energy costs of a German family based in Mallorca.

The electricity system was set up as a combined supply from the utility grid and an already existing solar system installation. To suit their requirements and based on the information provided, meeco proposed a ground mounted sun2flow PV system of 6kWp to be built in parallel to the existing one. This additional PV installation added 14 top tier monocrystalline high-performance modules and a specific solar frequency drive. This solution was designed to operate the swimming pool pumping system on a daily basis during sunshine hours. Smart consumption was implemented shifting the consumption to daytime hours, maintenance and cleaning mostly. This allowed for 100% of solar electricity being generated to be auto consumed.

Foreseen to generate at least 10,47MWh annually, since March 2022, this sun2flow solution has been exceeding forecasted production. It has aided the family in significantly reducing consumption from the utility.

“Introducing the sun2flow system allowed me to reduce the dependency on the utility supplied electricity” states the father. “I have economic advantages thanks to sustainable and affordable energy. My family and I can enjoy the pool without the costly carbon-based energy consumption”.

Now it’s your turn to save money on your electricity bill too. Switch to self-consumption… contact us 🙂