sun2com telecommunications section: now online in all 6 languages




October 21, 2011


8:51 am

In the telecom sector, The meeco Group is successfully leveraging its rich heritage of project enabling through consulting, turnkey solutions, and project financing. With the industry’s most comprehensive range of renewable energy products (e.g., generation, storage) and strong service partners, The meeco Group is quickly becoming a leader in fully engineered telecom solutions.

To help deploy these solutions worldwide, The meeco Group also makes use of its strong market knowledge and cultural awareness. “Speaking the local language is more than ever a strategic marketing competency” explains Dieter Trutschler, Director of Marketing & Sales. “New clients see that we not only understand the technology and due diligence involved in the projects but also the culture, habits and language. This has definitely been a key success factor in our international activity expansion over the last 10 years.”

To better accompany this global expansion of The meeco Group in the telecom industry, a dedicated online section is now available in all of the website’s languages. Besides the already existing English version, after a common effort of all of the meeco Group’s regional offices, the telecommunications section can also now be found in French, German, Greek, Italian and Spanish.

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