Successful season kick-off for meeco Equestrian Team




May 17, 2013


1:45 pm

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2013 outdoor show jumping season start at International Meeting in Oliva Nova, Spain

ZUG/ALICANTE. The meeco Equestrian Team (MET) has participated in the 2013 Mediterranean Equestrian Tour CSI**, an international show jumping competition hosted by the Equestrian Centre of Oliva Nova, situated on the Costa Blanca, 100 km north of Alicante, Spain. The second edition of competition was split into two rounds, first from 12th February until 3rd March and secondly from 19th March until 7th April 2013. Close to 300 professional riders were present including some of the worlds best, and a total of 33 countries and 800 horses.

The meeco Equestrian Team, composed of four young riders, actively participated in this international show jumping competition with its six best horses; ‘Sun2Life Shine On’, ‘Sun2Life Ashley’, ‘SunCarrier Roderick Apollo II’, ‘SunCarrier Richard’, ‘SunCarrier Quijolie’ and ‘SunCarrier Clear’. For the last year, the young MET riders have been trained by the German rider and coach, Kai Ottens.

In the first round of competition, ‘Sun2Life Shine On’, ‘SunCarrier Roderick Apollo II’ and ‘SunCarrier Richard’ ended 5th, 8th and 9th in the 1.10 m Class Bronze Tour, while ‘Sun2Life Ashley’ ranked 6th and 9th in the 1.25 m Class Bronze Tour.  The second round was all the more successful for the meeco Equestrian Team as it was able to occupy many of the top ten positions in the 1.10 m class Bronze Tour (2nd, 5th, 6th, 7th, 10th, 11th and 12th) with horses ‘SunCarrier Richard’, ‘SunCarrier Quijolie’,  ‘SunCarrier Clear’ and ‘Sun2Life Shine On’. The young MET riders reached position 7 and 12 with “Sun2Life Ashley” and “Suncarrier Roderick Apollo II” in the 1,25m Class Bronze Tour and ranked on position 13th with “Sun2Life Ashley” in the 1,40m Class Bronze Tour.

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