Success story from Grenada: off-grid solar installation saves fuel and associated costs




March 21, 2012


9:35 am

meeco client is very pleased with PV installation – payback after just one year

Back in September 2010, The meeco Group was selected by the French Farmex Technologies to install two off-grid systems on the island of Grenada, for the National Water and Sewage Authority (Nawasa). Two years after, Farmex technologies whose activities include water pumping, wastewater treatment, irrigation and water re-use, defines it as being a great success story.

Both solar photovoltaic and energy storage installations were provided and installed by The meeco Group on the island of Grenada, which is located in the Southeastern Caribbean Sea. These stand-alone renewable energy systems are since then reliably powering water treatment plants. They are located in the surroundings of Les Avocats and Mamma Cannes, Grenada.

Olivier Bariau, project manager at Farmex in charge of this implementation describes the success of the installations: “A quick calculation, based on the present price of EC$ (East Caribbean Dollar) 15.50 per Gallon of diesel and a consumption of the former generator system of 0.58 Gallon per hour, this would cause costs of EC$ 78,275.00 or EUR 22,000.00 per year, when operating 24 hours a day and all 365 days of the year. With the investment in the two solar installations we were able to save significant operational costs as well as carbon dioxide emissions. One of the plants has even been paid back in just over a year time. The other one will need about 24 months to be fully amortized due to slightly lower solar radiation values”

Evelyne Tueller-Trolliet, the project manager in charge at The meeco Group underlines: “The installations is intended to work for at least ten years. Thus, the initial investment of the client has been repaid in nearly no time and Nawasa can be pleased with saving a lot of money and more importantly, to contribute to reducing carbon dioxide emissions and thus giving a clear contribution to preventing further global warming.”

Dieter Trutschler, Sales Director of The meeco Group adds: “We are truly happy to see that our client is satisfied with the results and the short payback times of the installations. That is precisely what our business is about: matching the economical needs of our clients using environment friendly technology while supporting both the financial success of our clients and strongly contributing to a clean future.”

Find attached some pictures of the respective installations (Photos by Derek Pickell).