Spain´s second renewable energy boom



December 2, 2019


1:50 pm


“Spain is one of the countries leading the solar renaissance in Europe,” stated the SolarPower Europe Policy Analyst Raffaele Rossi. In October 2018, the Spanish government officially cancelled the infamous “sun tax”, which hindered and discouraged the development of solar energy in Spain. It is therefore no wonder, that in 2018, 235 MW were added to the national grid. Compared to 2017, the installed capacity increased by 94%.

Since April 2019, the new decree regulating the conditions of energy self-consumption, (“autoconsumo”), has simplified substantially the administrative, technical and financial procedures making renewable energy accessible to the entire population.

This gives homeowners the opportunity to shave off energy costs, besides making some economic benefit through the compensation of excess energy and the favorable tax return benefits that many Spanish State Communities are putting in place. For 2019, the solar industry expects 400 MW of self-consumption systems to be installed.

The meeco Group has followed with great interest the developments in the government and has embraced wholeheartedly this new solar energy trend in Spain. To date meeco has installed several renewable energy sun2roof solutions for residential buildings in the region of Alicante, among other with the purpose of encouraging customers to shave off energy costs and reduce the CO2 emission.


The meeco technicians during the sun2roof installation.


From the installed systems, we distinguish:

a property in Alicante, where for roof usage optimization, three separate sun2roof solar energy systems were installed and all three are successfully connected and satisfactory producing as shown in the real-time energy monitoring system sun2see. With an average insolation of 4.94 kWh/m2 per day, measured in the last 10 years, Alicante is ideally suited for renewable energy solutions.

another recently completed sun2roof residential project in Elda, consists of 21 top tier solar modules, allocated to two different roofs of the property. Our tailor-made photovoltaic solution, will generate for this client more than 9.500 MWh of renewable energy annually largely covering the owner’s energy demand and saving 5.660 kg of polluting CO2 emission.

“After the successful launch of the PV power plant, I’m very happy to receive clean and sustainable energy for the needs of my family whilst saving on my energy cost” states one of the homeowners.


Image of the installed sun2roof system in Alicante, Spain


The clients will have the commodity of monitoring their energy generation and usage with our own developed 24-hour service platform, sun2see. A very complete software showing actual operations and production, enabling the prevention of faults in the performance of our sun2roof solutions, pinpointing and fixing deviations to ensure a smooth operation and a long-term commercial success.

To even go further in its customer service, meeco in Spain, accompanies the clients throughout the entire process of administrative submission and the obligatory registration of the solar self-consumption installations, both at the government institutions as well as the electricity distributing companies in charge of approving the connections.


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