Solar energy storage: The decade of action has just begun



January 23, 2020


11:22 am



2020: In the forthcoming ten years, the global energy transformation will be even more focused, than before. The aim is clear: achieve the 17 sustainable development goals and double the share of renewable energy power by 2030. Until the end of the decade, renewable power should supply 57% of worldwide energy. A tough job for the solar industry.


#GlobalGoals: Goal 13 – Climate Action – Falling prices give hope

The Paris Agreement (COP21) defined the objectives, which should have been faced since 2016. With the beginning of the new decade, these global goals became more relevant and important than ever before (again). As a renewable energy company, we at The meeco Group are focused on making our contribution to goal number 13. The goal has remained the same since it was first published: Taking action to tackle the energy transition and its impacts.


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Source: YouTube – International Renewable Energy Agency


Since 2016, the worldwide energy market recorded an extraordinarily positive development. Between 2010 and 2017 the costs of solar panels and renewable energy solutions have heavily decreased, by up to 80%. Thanks to that development, photovoltaic systems having become even more affordable for private homeowners. And there is yet another positive outcome: Over a longer period, paying the utility bill will become more cost-intensive than paying once for an intelligent all-in-one energy management system.


Solar energy storage: A worldwide trend

The current development makes us feel especially optimistic that more and more homeowners as well as companies will notice the drop in prices for renewable energy solutions, as even battery costs are falling continuously. A rise in sales for such solutions is expected. The trend in the energy sector is moving to the combination of a solar power generating system and a top-tier solar energy storage system.


Our intelligent energy management solution is called sun2safe.


Due to rising costs in grid supplied power, photovoltaic systems are and will become even more financially substantial. Solar-only installations will be replaced by full-service solar and the accompanying storage offers. An all-in-one energy management system generates clean energy during the day, which is then stored in the batteries, to then provide the household with electric power in the early hours of the evening until bedtime, when it is needed most. Lower battery costs, energy management features and grid-service capabilities will drive interested customers to innovative solutions like sun2safe.


Energy storage systems: Independence from the grid

Meeco´s sun2safe all-in-one energy management system is the most affordable solution for powering private houses. It is able to produce all energy required on its own through renewable sources.


Why sun2safe?

   Tailor-made All-in-one energy management system
   Shave-off energy costs
   Become independent from the electrical grid
   Top-tier, long-term batteries
   Online monitoring tool sun2see included

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Declining costs and breakthrough battery and energy storage solutions like sun2safe gives us confidence in the “Decade of energy storage” and that the energy transition will become a reality step by step over the next 10 years.


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