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Silversun: a “brilliant” ally for meeco

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Miguel Cascarano


September 23, 2022


11:29 am
Gefco by. Silversun

The meeco Group has reached a strategic alliance with Silversun to offer joint solutions for solar energy and LED lighting for the industrial sector. 

The meeco Group & Silversun: the synergies of this alliance allow optimal results in efficiency and energy savings, creating sustainable and carbon-neutral self-consumption models.

Silversun logo

Silversun is a European specialist in LED lighting systems. Founded in 2007 as SilberSonne, in 2018 Silversun was born as a differential brand that offers professional LED Lighting systems for both professional and industrial environments.

Since its creation, its value proposition has been based on providing high quality and efficient lighting solutions. It does not offer products, it offers complete solutions. From analysing current installations and implementing the best new technology, simulation of these and the execution of installation.

Always at the forefront of the sector, it works continuously on the R&D of products, always seeking to optimize energy consumption and improve light performance. Silversun is committed to caring for the environment and is committed to efficient and sustainable solutions. Silversun products have been successfully deployed in prominent projects throughout Europe, Latin America and Africa. 

Saint Gobain by. Silversun
Saint Gobain by. Silversun

The main corporate values are linked to these principles that define us in the relationship with the clients:

  • Internationalization: Being present in different countries forces to be very dynamic and allows to detect market trends.
  • Quality: Provide suitable products to the customers, with the latest technological advances, optimizing performance and durability.
  • Sustainability: Promote the rational use of natural resources and energy efficiency to minimize the impact on the environment.




Phone (+34) 91 636 61 49

Monjasa Stadium by. Silversun
Monjasa Stadium by. Silversun
Mercedes Dealership by. Silversun
Mercedes Dealership by. Silversun
Ingram by. Silversun
Ingram by. Silversun
Atria by. Silversun
Atria by. Silversun