School class visited meeco’s sun2live solar energy plant in Mabaruma, Guyana




May 25, 2018


2:32 pm

Students in front of the solar plants in Mabarum, Guyana.

400 kWp sun2live ground-mounted solar PV energy facility to be completed next week

The mission of creating a clean and green environment is paramount to be spread all around the world. Our local meeco teams take up this challenge and sensitise children, students and entire school classes in terms of an environmentally friendly behavior on a regular base. Today the ninth-graders from the Hosororo Primary School from the sparsely populated Mabaruma region in the north of Guyana have visited the construction site of our 400 kWp sun2live solar energy plant.

In the scope of an educational tour our local experts explained the benefits and functionality of sustainable technologies, including photovoltaic and introduced the Mabaruma sun2live solar power facility and its sun2safe xxl battery energy storage to the students.


sun2fix solar energy plants on school property.
View on the 400 kWp sun2live solar energy plant in Mabaruma, Guyana.


The construction works are in its final throes. Almost all modules have already been installed and the battery rack is completed. The last project steps, such as the painting of the inverter room or the coverage of the trenches, will be finished next week. On May 31st, the sun2live PV power plant is scheduled to be commissioned and to start generating clean energy for the community of Mabaruma bringing green and affordable energy to the region.


sun2fix battery rack completed and mounted.
The completed and mounted sun2safe battery rack.


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