Solar on the roof: reliable and efficient residential solutions for a green energy future.



June 22, 2022


2:29 pm
residential sun2roof system in Alicante, Spain

Climate change and the constant increase in energy costs have led us to look at the environment with different eyes. The great opportunity offered by renewable energies is now seen not only as an investment but also as a way to protect what is most precious to us: the Earth.

Since the beginning, meeco has made sustainability and environmental protection its priorities. meeco has taken creating and implementing efficient renewable energy projects all over the world to the next level. 

In particular, in the last couple of years, meeco has completed several PV solutions in Spain. Among these installations, is the self-consumption sun2roof system for a private household in the Alicante area. 

Consisting in 14 top tier solar modules allocated on the roof of the property, this 4,76kWp installation, has been producing clean electricity for more than 6,97MWh per year since December 2020. Additionally, it has helped in saving 1,95 tons of polluting CO2 emissions.

According to meeco’s sun2see monitoring software, this system has generated 7,6 MWh since its installation. A value that significantly exceeds the forecast and helps cover most of the owner’s consumption.

“In these two years of operation of meeco’s sun2roof system, I keep thinking that I couldn’t have made a better choice” states Mr. Vincent, the homeowner. “The energy production significantly exceeds expectations and covers my consumption, exponentially reducing costs. But mainly, in using clean energy for the needs of my family, I also feel like I’m contributing to a greener world for our children.”

Now it’s your turn to save money on your electricity bill too. Switch to self-consumption… contact us 🙂