PV Energy supports Housing Project in Antigua & Barbuda



June 6, 2017


3:20 pm


Our joint venture and clean energy provider PV Energy has supported the Government of Antigua and Barbuda (GOAB) in equipping 20 residential buildings of the National Housing Project with renewable power installations. The GOAB has started the National Housing programme to provide a home for lower-income families. In order to ensure a reliable and eco-friendly energy supply, the residents will obtain their daytime electricity from photovoltaic solar modules installed on the roofs of the houses.

During only nine days, the PV Energy team has equipped the houses with a total of 62.4 kWp in sun2roof solar power systems (3.12 kWp each house) on a voluntary basis. Within this scope PV Energy has trained the workers of the National Housing Project to install scaffoldings and safety equipment, the roof substructures, the polycrystalline solar modules as well as the inverters and string cabling.


The National Housing programme has been started by the Government of Antigua and Barbuda to provide a home for lower-income families.


PV Energy has previously delivered the materials for the installation of sun2roof solar systems on 50 roofs of National Housing residential buildings.

“Due to our local capacity-training, the workers are now able to equip additional houses without PV Energy’s presence,” states George Kitoudis, Head of Site Implementation & Operations of PV Energy. “These training sessions are part of our commitment towards the sustainable establishment of clean energy solutions across Antigua and Barbuda. With this project and many others already commissioned ventures, we are following our path to encourage a green, profitable and reliable energy supply in order to strengthen Antigua and Barbuda’s position as a renewable energy pioneer in the Caribbean. Furthermore, we are glad to support this special and ground-breaking project of the government,” Mr. Kitoudis asserted.

The Prime Minister has lauded the project. “My Government has been very impressed with the work that has been carried-out,” remarks Prime Minister Gaston Browne. “And we promise that more is yet to come in the months ahead. Green energy is the way forward, and the PV Energy contribution is blazing the path,” the Prime Minister concluded.


The PV Energy team has trained the local workers of the National Housing programme to install the sun2roof systems.

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