PV Energy Ltd. joins the Antiguan’s and Barbudan’s in raising awareness towards solar power in the island




December 3, 2015


2:52 pm

The clean energy provider attended the CARICOM Energy Awareness Week

Given the 30% rise in energy demand in only one decade – caused by increasing industrialisation and regional development in the Caribbean – the Government of Antigua and Barbuda (GOAB) is looking to augment the fossil fuel based energy supply by renewable energy in order to bridge the power gaps and reduce the twin-island’s reliance on crude oil.

Seeking to increase knowledge and awareness around critical energy issues and global warning among the Caribbean’s, the UK-based renewable energy company PV Energy Ltd. – a joint venture of the clean energy provider The meeco Group – has recently attended the Energy Week 2015 in Antigua and Barbuda, powered by the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) Secretariat. The one-week CARICOM Energy Week (CEW) 2015 was launched from Sunday, 8 November to Saturday, 14 November with a series of activities and workshops across the member states of CARICOM. With this yearly event CARICOM pursues the target to raise awareness concerning the energy needs of the region and the desired sustainable economic development.

PV Energy – who is just now in the process of commissioning the 3 MWp sun2live solar PV installation on the southwest shoulder of the V.C. Bird International Airport of Antigua – participated and assisted in two of these events associated with the renewable energy technologies.

The Energy Week programme started with the “Kilo Walk” – a two-hour fitness walk – which was initiated at YASCO at 5am, proceeded to the new 3MWp sun2live solar PV Installation where specific questions and concrete answers were exchanged between the participants, the GOAB representative and PV Energy team present on-site. More than 200 persons were interested in attending the event. The finish line and final destination of this walk was the Jabberwock Beach.


Kilo Walk at the airport solar power plant


A completely guided tour for 40 students, age range between 14 and 20, from different high schools across Antigua represented the second event at the 3 MWp sun2live solar PV installation. This accompanied visit – slated to culminate the week’s activities – was aimed to provide to the young people of Antigua and Barbuda valuable insights into sustainable development and environmental issues relating specifically to their national energy policies.


Guided Tour of 3 MWp solar PV park for Caribbean students


As a pioneer in solar power on Antigua and Barbuda, it is the mandated role of meeco, to raise and empower the awareness of renewable energy solutions and to emphasise on the exemplary function of the large PV installations on the Island.“The meeco Group – in association with PV Energy – focuses upon the development and delivery of reliable renewable energy power plants, while providing clients with the highest quality of service, engineering and technology properly adjusted to their needs”, declares Shpresa Azemi, Admin Director of PV Energy Ltd. “By promoting environmental awareness among the national community and creating a brighter future for our children, we make the difference. Raising the awareness of the younger generations to environmental issues by showing them energy best practices and technology is just one approach to accomplish this mission.”


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