Promising cooperation between Shalamar Hospital and meeco




July 22, 2014


1:14 pm


350 kWp Power Purchase Agreement with Shalamar Hospital in Lahore

Lahore, Pakistan. The meeco Group is continuing to develop and enhance its market position in Pakistan. After an agreement on a strategic partnership in Research & Development with the Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS), the meeco Group company oursun Solar Power Limited concluded a sun2roof Power Purchase Agreement up to 350 kWp with the Businessmen Hospital Trust Shalamar in Lahore. The two parties are now bound since July 3rd.

Shalamar Hospital is characterized by a specific structure called Businessmen Hospital Trust conceived in 1974. In 1978, Shalamar Hospital first started as a not-for-profit institute. For this eminent group of businessmen believing in strong values such as social uplift, charity and humanism, the founding idea was clear: create a hospital able to offer free of charge treatment for non-affording patients. Nowadays, the Trust is composed of seven members and chaired by Chaudhry Ahmad Saeed since April 1996.



meeco-shalamarhospital-patients2 meeco-shalamar-hospital-patients


The construction of the sun2roof installation is currently in progress and expected to be completed in only two months. oursun Solar Power Limited will be responsible for development, design, installation as well as for the operation of the sun2roof PV installation.

quote„We are happy to work with Shalamar hospital on a promising sun2roof installation that will enable us to provide clean energy to this business trust hospital. We are hoping that this cooperation will pave the way for further cooperation and projects in the health and Corporate Social Responsibility sector“

Syed Saad Zafar, CEO of Oursun Solar Power Ltd.

Through each project, The meeco Group aims at delivering valuable wealth to all of its customers by creating reliable and affordable clean energy. meeco also cares about the cooperation with socially responsible clients to create and share benefits and value with the local population. Sharing the same ethic ideals with the Shalamar Hospital founders, meeco is glad to participate in their mission towards the improvement of the poor patients welfare. In the years to come, The meeco Group through oursun Solar Power Limited will strengthen its efforts to supply Shalamar Hospital with its expertise and resources in the field of renewable energies, so that the charity hospital can further reduce its electricity costs.


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