B & S Property and The meeco Group founded the joint company PV Energy Ltd.



October 19, 2010


9:21 am

The directors of B & S Property (UK) and The meeco Group (Switzerland) are pleased to announce their cooperation.

B & S Property and The meeco Group have founded the joint company PV Energy Ltd. to support the acceleration of the UK and international photovoltaic market.

The UK recently promulgated a feed-in tariff for solar photovoltaics (PV). This will help local communities to contribute towards counteracting climate change and global warming by using environmentally-friendly generated energy and furthermore is creating opportunities for companies to develop profitable projects in the field of solar PV.

B & S Property is a very well-known property management and holding company with properties in the UK and abroad which has recognized with high interest the opportunity to install PV on its own, as well as other properties. meeco Invest AG is an investment company headquartered in Zug, Switzerland and is the owner of meeco AG, a clean energy company that develops, manages and arranges the sale of solar projects. The meeco Group has recognized the UK as a market of high interest.

B & S Property has vast expertise in the international real estate business and will contribute to the joint venture with its profound experience in property development and financing as well as an extensive network of industry contacts. Furthermore, B & S Property offers a substantial portfolio of properties that can be suitable for PV projects.

The meeco Group offers many years of significant and successful experience in energy and energy related projects, from development to installation, financing as well as operations, solar project development, advantageous access to PV technologies and products, financing for solar projects as well as a strong and recognized brand as a responsible and influential company in the global energy and PV industry.

The UK photovoltaic market is expected to strongly increase in the coming months and PV Energy will support this growth. Both partners are anticipating substantial support for the growth of the UK market by local communities and the government.

The B & S Property team is managing assets with a value of over 4 billion GBP. The meeco Group has added over 150 MW of clean energy across three continents in the last three years with some 243 MW in construction or development.