PV Energy joined “British Indian Diamond Jubilee Banquet”




November 9, 2010


12:28 pm

The directors of B & S Property and The meeco Group, who are the founders of the recently established PV Energy Ltd., joined the “British Indian Diamond Jubilee Banquet” on Friday, 29th of October 2010 in London, UK. The purpose of this banquet was to celebrate the 60th anniversary of India’s Republic and Diwali.

Both directors, accompanied by their wives, attended the gala and were honoured to be invited by the President of the Loomba Charity Foundation Cherie Blair, wife of the former British Prime Minister Tony Blair. Mrs Blair is also the patron of the charity “Solar Aid” which supports the development of renewable energies, especially photovoltaics in Africa and beyond.

PV Energy Ltd. was happy to support the gala as a co-sponsor. The “British Indian Diamond Jubilee Banquet” was hosted by the Loomba Foundation at the prestigious Guildhall in London.

The aim of the Loomba Foundation is to promote the fundamental freedoms and human rights of widows and their children around the world by raising awareness of the gross injustices women face when losing a husband, and removing the stigma associated with widowhood.

Accredited by the United Nations in 2008, the Foundation is educating over 3,000 children of poor widows in India. As part of its global work, it empowers widows by setting up businesses in Kenya, Uganda, Malawi, Rwanda, South Africa, Syria, Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. According to the Foundation, there are more than 245 million widows estimated worldwide, who are the poorest of the poor, invisible, forgotten and unheard. Many of them live in poverty and suffer dreadful prejudice and discrimination – often denied their right to inheritance, abused, isolated and pushed to the very fringes of society. It is their children who are punished, often forced to opt out of school because of lack of money.

In addition to a variety of distinguished guests from the UK´s business world, society and political sector, such as the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Sir Paul Stephenson QPM, the Indian High Commissioner His Excellency Nalin Surie and Lord Dholakia of Waltham Brooks OBE, DL, the famous Bollywood actress Preity Zinta attended the event as the International Ambassador of the Loomba foundation.

Please find more information about “Solar Aid” on the web page of the charity.

More information about the event on the web page of the “Loomba Foundation”.