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October 27, 2014


12:43 pm

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As already in previous years The meeco Group in 2014 once again expanded its activities in Pakistan. Through the launch of the joint venture oursun Solar Power Limited, which was established in 2013, meeco was able to finalise several new photovoltaic projects in 2014. At the end of the year, additional 7 MWp will be installed by meeco in this country, mainly in the framework of Power Purchase Agreements. Several key industrial players in Pakistan are now benefiting from the advantages of clean energy provided through high quality photovoltaic installations of The meeco Group on their roofs and premises.

The year of 2014 in Pakistan was characterised for The meeco Group by major projects and Power Purchase Agreements.
Read on below the overview regarding the seven major projects of oursun Solar Power Ltd.


Emporium Shopping Mall Lahore
Lahore´s future Emporium Mall, currently under construction, will be equipped by oursun Solar Power Ltd. with a 2 MWp sun2roof rooftop installation. The huge shopping center is being built by the Nishat Group. OurSun Pakistan concluded a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with Nishat in June, for the supply of clean solar power. Read more …

Lahore: The Crytals meeco-pakistan-emporium mall.3

Clean Energy for Packages Ltd. Lahore
Packages Ltd., a major player and a pioneer in premium packaging solutions in Pakistan, located in Lahore, enters the “renewable energies age” thanks to meeco´s subsidiary oursun Solar Power Ltd. In February 2014, both parties closed a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) over an initial capacity of 3 MWp. The first part of the installation has been connected in September 2014. Read more …

Packages2 Packages-ThemeecoGroup2

sun2live for Seasons Group and Supreme Farms
The Pakistani Seasons Group, a major player in the food industry and Supreme Farms concluded a Power Purchase Agreement with oursun Solar Power Ltd. for an installed capacity up to 900 kWp (Supreme Farms) and up to 400 kWp (Season Foods). At the end of April 2014 the sun2live rooftop installation has been successfully initiated. Read more …


oursun Power supports Mustaqim´s green strategy
oursun Solar Power Ltd. delivered a sun2roof rooftop installation, which provides initially up to 20 kWp of clean energy to Mustaqim Dyeing & Printing Pvt Ltd., a growing textile mill company in Karachi. The solar plant, a turnkey project, was connected to the grid in April 2014. Read more …

meeco-Pakistan-Mustaqim project

Second PPA with Lahore University of Managements Sciences
oursun Solar Power Ltd, and Lahore University of Managements Sciences (LUMS) pursued their cooperation by concluding in June 2014 another Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) amounting to 300 kWp. Read more …

meeco solar rooftop installation in Lahore University 2013 meeco solar rooftop installation in Lahore University 2013

Rooftop installation on Lahore´s Shalamar Hospital
Solar Power Limited concluded in July 2014 a sun2roof Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) for up to 350 kWp with the Shalamar Hospital, a non-for-profit institute in Lahore. Read more …


825.000 kwh per year for Khatoon Industries
Khatoon Industries, an important producer of cosmetic products in Pakistan and oursun Solar Power Ltd. concluded in July 2014 a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) for a photovoltaic sun2roof installation of 500kwp. The solar plant will produce annually up to 825.000 kWh. Read more …


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