Overview of the Clean Energy Study Tour across Europe




November 9, 2015


10:07 am


PV Energy Ltd. looks back on one-week training program organised for Caribbean partners

The 3 MWp installation on the southwest shoulder of the V.C. Bird International Airport of Antigua, which is the first PV installation of a total capacity of 10 MWp in sun2live and sun2roof solar projects across the twin-island is currently close to commissioning. With this happening PV Energy who advance funded and executed this project, continues to support its Caribbean partners to make the best use of the opportunities offered by the newest renewable energy technologies, by introducing a training program tour across Europe.

The transition to renewable energy technologies requires comprehensive training for the local partners, which is essential in order to ensure the correct application and maintenance of the solar systems. Capacity building has therefore become one of PV Energy’s main priorities throughout the construction stage.


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A study tour took place from 17 to 24 October 2015 within the framework of local cooperation. This one-week training program had been organized for the benefit of the local engineers of the Ministry of Tourism, Economic Development, Tourism and Energy and Antigua Public Utilities Authority (APUA) in order to give them a better insight into solar installations and battery back-up solutions in renewable energy systems.


ThemeecoGroup-Training-Fronius-energy-week-1 Training at Fronius International GmbH, in Wels, Austria


The first session of the training tour was guided by Mr. Mario Weiermaier, who has already been working for 20 years with Fronius. Typical operation modes for solar inverters and the specific performance were covered. This included  maximum power point tracking (MPPT), mix of modules on a roof, east/west orientation, grounding of systems, security of systems and theft protection. As a result of this workshop, the team from Antigua and Barbuda is now entitled to be qualified partner technicians, able to work on this type of Fronius inverters.


ThemeecoGroup-battery-storage-Neuhardenberg-2 ThemeecoGroup-battery-storage-Germany-2

Visit to 150 MW PV site and Battery Storage 5 MW of Upside Invest
in Neuhardenberg, Germany


The German professor and entrepreneur, Prof. Dr. Ing. Rico Wojanowski, who specializes in the field of design, engineering, procurement and construction of cross-border large-scale energy solution projects, conducted a one-day workshop, which introduced different inverter concepts, as well as different layouts and optimization decisions regarding grid stabilization by using large fixed storage solutions.


ThemeecoGroup-Germany-study-tour-renewable-energy-3 ThemeecoGroup-Germany-Training-Helios-3

Visit / Training at three partners companies (Helios /FE Con / Wind and Energy)
in Flensburg, Germany


Mr. Mark Ahmling, Head of Software development at Wind & Sun Technologies S.L./FeCon GmbH, trained the APUA engineers on inverter adjustments possibilities and possible bandwidths / spreads of voltage and frequency. Mr. Ahmling explained the required hard and software to run professionally a grid/storage/solar hybrid system, accommodating the Caribbean partner’s needs for grid stability and frequency control. Finally, the APUA engineers visited the production facilities, where a short explanation of the Quality Management system, the material coding and cable systematics of FeCon was given.



Visit / Training at Viterbo solar Plant 17,3 MW, in Italy


The final stop on the Study Tour was the 17 MW Viterbo solar power plant located close to Rome. Mr. Massimiliano Maramieri, the site manager of Baywa Re Italia, the O&M Company contracted and supervised by meeco for the said plant, offered the Caribbean partners the unique opportunity to strengthen their expertise to operate and accurately maintain renewable power sources of large ground mounted solar park.

Through the clean energy study tour, PV Energy demonstrated once again its full engagement towards the Caribbean community by sharing its passion and expertise and boosting the professional skills and qualifications of its local partners.


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