oursun® Ultralight Solar Panels


Sonia Gandolfi


April 12, 2024


12:19 pm
oursun® Ultralight solar panels

The Lightweight Alternative Solar Option

If you are an environmentally conscious homeowner or business owner interested in reducing your carbon footprint, you have probably considered solar panels

The conventional solar panels mostly installed in residential solutions are made of monocrystalline silicon solar cells and are rigid rectangles, typically installed on sturdy rooftop racks. While solar panels have been around for decades, we have come to expect constant advances in solar power technology. Solar panels tend to consistently increase in power and efficiency while reducing in cost, but when we think about solar panels used for commercial and residential applications, the form – meaning size and weight – of the panels has remained relatively consistent in spite of technology improvements.

This has presented problems for building or home owners when structural issues make it impossible to support an effective and efficient traditional solar array due to weight restrictions.

Why might you need meeco oursun® Ultralight modules?

If a building or home has a roof that is unable to bear the weight of standard solar panels and installation infrastructure, meeco oursun® Ultralight solar panels provide the perfect alternative option.

For commercial buildings and residential homes requiring grid-connection, there are a range of benefits offered by oursun® lightweight solar panels. 

Overcoming structural issues

oursun® Ultralight modules weight approx. 70% less than conventional modules and can be used on statically critical roofs, roofs load <4 kg/m2 and for cladding facades.

More installation options

Given their lighter weight, oursun® Ultralight modules also offer additional installation options on non-traditional surfaces. Visually almost imperceptible when glued on a roof oursun® Ultralight panels act like a second roof skin, reducing roof degradation and acting as additional insulation or lightweight modules  can be chosen as a cost-saving alternative for upcoming facades renovations.

oursun® Ultralight modules

Faster installation

oursun® Ultralight solar panels are easier to carry, move and install, requiring less invasive fixing to any given structure. This means that installation can be completed more quickly, which also provides a cost saving on the installation process.

Depending on the roof type (trapezoidal sheet metal, bitumen, foil, etc.) oursun® Ultralight panels are directly glued on the roof or on a non-visible substructure made of weather-resistant plastic elements.

Fixing materials are supplied from qualified adhesive manufacturers, with preference from Europe, with guarantees on the technical parameters, such as wind load, tear-off forces, water resistance, elasticity, and durability.

oursun® Ultralight panels are the next chapter of solar technology

Available in different sizes and power types – 330 W, 375 W, and 420 W – oursun® Ultralight panels deliver the same efficiency as standard modules. They are the ideal solution for installing solar systems on roofs and buildings with structural problems that cannot support a standard solar panel array. Not to mention that a solution with ultralight modules also extends the life of the roof by 10-15 years or gives additional protection to a façade.

The meeco Group, thanks to its long experience in the solar and renewables sector and being always open to the highest standard and innovative technologies in terms of panels and fixing systems, has been able to successfully install sun2roof® solar systems with oursun® Ultralight panels facing the most difficult structural problems and meeting even the requirements of the most demanding customers, driving their steps towards a sustainable future.

Ultralight solar panels

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