New sun2live rooftop project for The meeco Group in Pakistan




October 9, 2012


12:43 pm

meeco Services Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd. about to install 42.24 kWp rooftop installation at one of Pakistan’s top universities

The Swiss-based meeco Group keeps reinforcing its presence in Pakistan and is about to start a brand new sun2liveTM rooftop project for one of Pakistan’s most world renowned university.

Acting as a 24/7 power supply source or a backup solution, sun2liveTM provides electricity to households, businesses, clinics, schools and communities dependent on unreliable, expensive, or difficult- to-maintain power sources. These modular solutions of The meeco Group utilize the latest solar power generation (ground or roof-mounted) and a variety of energy storage technologies to meet specific needs.

This 42.24 kWp rooftop solar photovoltaic system to be installed in what is today one of the most eminent universities in the country will provide a daily output of 170.35 kWh and a minimum energy output of 62,200.00 kWh per year. As done for every project that is managed by The meeco Group, only top-tier solar technology components will be selected such as BYD 240 P6-30 Si-Poly modules along with SMA Tripower inverters, supported by a K2 Systems structure. Once operational, this installation will represent yearly savings of more than 6.4 tons of CO2 emissions.

Syed Saad Zafar, Sales Director in Pakistan for The meeco Group commented on this installation: “Developing this project on the rooftop of one of the most prestigious universities in the country clearly shows the group’s commitment toward solar developments in Pakistan. It is a reference project both for the university and The meeco Group, contributing to raise awareness around renewable green energies and offering more comfort to the students. Of course this trial project on one of the university building shall be expanded to all buildings in the short term”, adds Mr. Zafar, “once finished the final installation should provide up to 1.2 MWp of clean renewable energy.”

“Pakistan is a rapidly growing country which offers many opportunities. According to Goldman Sachs and the economist Jim O’Neil, the country has the potential to become one of the largest economies of the 21st century”, explains Dieter Trutschler, Sales Director of The meeco Group, ”Our challenge is to provide the best energy solution meeting all the expectations regarding both economic efficiency and environmental issue, not only for today but also for tomorrow’s needs.”