New energy monitoring tool sun2see developed by meeco



February 16, 2017


1:01 pm

clean energy monitoring, performance guarantee

24-hours service platform ensures smooth operation of energy installations

The meeco Group is a trailblazer in the innovation of intelligent and customised energy solutions. Now, the Indian subsidiary meeco India (Pvt) Ltd. has developed a completely new platform for online monitoring, troubleshooting and controlling. This new tool enqueues into meeco’s range of sun2products and is called sun2see.


clean energy monitoring experts meeting Meeting of energy monitoring experts in India.


Tarun Munjal, Managing Director of meeco’s subsidiary in India, has spearheaded and managed the entire development process of sun2see. Together with his team he has established a Global Network Operations Centre (G-NOC), which provides a 24-hours-service for online monitoring and troubleshooting of meeco’s entire power installations worldwide.


“A diligent and comprehensive monitoring from day one is mandatory for the smooth operation and long term commercial success of each energy system”, explains Tarun Munjal. “Real time monitoring of clean energy systems is a progressive approach to avoid potential outages, to foresee and most importantly prevent faults in the performance of such installations. Thanks to our monitoring platform sun2see and the associated full-time service centre G-Noc, we are able to provide a 24-hours supervision for each of our renewable power systems worldwide – regardless of the respective size.”

Through its archiving function, sun2see enables customers to track the performance of their clean energy systems during their entire lifespan. Easy accessible by logging in online, they get a concise and customised overview of all relevant performance parameters according to their individual technical system, such as the energy output or the condition of their energy storage facilities (batteries).

energy-monitoring-sun2see The monitoring platform sun2see enables customers to get a close insight into their energy production and the performance parameters of their clean energy system.


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