NAREI Institute buildings in Guyana as of now powered by clean energy



March 20, 2018


4:17 pm

We complete installation of sun2roof solar systems on 5 institute buildings

Guyana is striving towards a sustainable energy future. The government of the South American Republic, represented by the Guyana Energy Agency (GEA), has been constantly issuing clean energy tenders during the last year to reach the target of a 100% renewable energy supply in the country. As part of this program, we were awarded the tender to supply, design and install five sun2roof solar systems for the National Agricultural Research and Extension Institute (NAREI) together with our local joint venture oursun Guyana Inc.. The installation of the sun2roof clean energy solutions with a total solar capacity of 16 kWp, including respective sun2safe energy storage capacity has just been successfully completed.


The Kairuni building is now powered by our sun2roof solar solution.


Five buildings of the NAREI institute benefit as of now from clean and reliable energy generated by sun2roof solar rooftop solutions with capacities ranging from 1 to 8 kWp combined with the intelligent sun2safe energy management systems. Four parts of the research institute – Kairuni Station, Aishalton Village, Annai Village, Monkey Mountain Village – are now exclusively powered by solar energy, only the Seeds Building is additionally connected to the national electricity grid. Our clean energy solutions have been completely customised according to the respective energy requirements of each building and will ensure CO2 savings of 16,268 kilograms annually. Through the combination of the photovoltaic solutions with our sun2safe energy management system comprising tier one inverters and batteries and an interface to the energy monitoring system sun2see, the internal consumption of NAREI will be covered environmentally friendly and in a cost-effective manner.


View on the sun2roof solar system on the Kairuni building.


“We are glad to have completed another renewable energy project to strengthen the clean energy sector in Guyana”, states Thomas Beindorf, our Chief Technical Officer. “The implementation of the solar solutions at the remote sites represented a logistical challenge for our local teams. Thanks to the excellent cooperation with the administrations of the buildings, we were able to manage the project implementation even within the tight time schedule”, Beindorf explains. Together with oursun Guyana, we have moreover just completed the installation of sun2roof solar systems on the rooftops of 57 governmental sites in Guyana, which represented a milestone for the companies and a further step towards a green energy sector in the country.


Our sun2roof solar solution on the Monkey Mountain building.


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