meeco supports Pakistani food industry by increasing the use of solar energy




June 22, 2015


3:43 pm

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For years now, The meeco Group is holding an important position in the Pakistani market of clean and renewable solar energies. meeco entered the market by founding a subsidiary based in Pakistan in the region of Lahore: meeco Services Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd. By the additional creation of the joint venture, oursun Solar Power Ltd., jointly with two renowned business persons in the Pakistani industry, meeco contributes to the development of Pakistan toward a greener and more sustainable future.


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Lately and through its joint venture, meeco has successfully achieved the completion of several projects for the food industry in Pakistan. Seasons Foods and Supreme Farms projects as well as Modern Cold Storage rooftop installations are three of its latest solar projects.



Solar power plant at the Modern Cold Storage site
Installation of a solar power plant at the Modern Cold Storage site by meeco


The meeco Group through its joint venture, oursun Solar Power Ltd., has completed a 350 kWp sun2live rooftop installation at the Seasons Foods (Pvt) Ltd. site, a meat processing company, close to the city of Lahore.

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Employees working on the roof top of Modern Cold Storage

Supreme Farms
, a food products company, called on oursun Solar Power Ltd. for the realisation of sun2live rooftop installations. The power purchase agreement was already concluded for the installation of a project up to 900 kWp.

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Installation in progress of the sun2roof project for Modern Cold Storage
Installation in progress of the sun2roof project for Modern Cold Storage


In the framework of a power purchase agreement (PPA), the first phase of a sun2roof photovoltaic project that consists in the installation of 70 kWp has now been installed and connected by meeco’s joint venture at the factory of Modern Cold Storage in Okara City, Pakistan.

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