meeco speaks Guarani now | Swiss meeco Group expands into Latin America




April 25, 2010


7:27 am

With the expansion into Paraguay the Meeco Group continues their success story.  In addition to the locations throughout Europe, Africa, Asia and the US the new office in Asuncion brings the total to nine worldwide.

Paraguay means water that goes to the water in the native language of Guarani which is spoken by most of the population.  There is no doubt that water is one of the most important commodities in Paraguay.  Indeed 39 percent of the population works in agriculture realising some 25% of the gross domestic product.

With their first steps into the green garden of South America the Meeco group has now laid an important foundation stone.  The distribution of network-independent Oursun solutions will support the local farmers, communities and businesses.  With over 320 sunny days per year there are optimal conditions.

Large areas exist within Latin America which are not connected to the grid. Our PV based solutions offer an alternative to fossil fuels advised Dr Oliver Jann, director of the newly founded Meeco America Latina in Asuncion. On the one hand fossil fuels are rare and have to be imported from abroad for significant sums of money.  On the other hand the maintenance of a national power grid over such large territories of land is not commercially viable.