meeco sells ten sun2go to Helion Solar




June 3, 2010


8:03 am

The meeco Group recently received an order from Helion Solar GmbH for ten sun2goTM portable power systems. Helion is the exclusive distributor for the sun2goTM in Switzerland, and has already resold these ten units to customers signifying the growing success of the sun2goTM product.

The sun2goTM is meeco´s latest renewable energy solution: This portable, fully integrated product stores 1 kWh of electricity and provides a nominal output up to 600W in either AC or DC power. With this capacity and flexibility, the sun2goTM can power small electronic devices appliances, and tools such as lights, fans, heaters, measuring equipment, audio players, laptops, TV sets, and power hand tools. It can even recharge an electric scooter or start a traditional automobile if its battery is dead. Protected by a sturdy, rainproof, wheeled trolley, the sun2goTM can be used almost anywhere, even in harsh environmental conditions.

The sun2goTM can be charged by using either the electricity grid or photovoltaic modules that use the natural power of the sun. meeco offers a variety of solar modules, including a foldable version which can be carried on top of the sun2goTM trolley.

Taking advantage of these practical benefits, Helion Solar sells the sun2goTM for use in caravans, for camping, on sailing boats, for mountain shelters, bungalows, bowers or wooden houses, as well as for use at home to bridge power outages.