Sustainability for the future: meeco residential sun2roof system in Alicante, Spain


Miguel Cascarano


June 22, 2022


12:14 pm
meeco residential sun2roof system in Alicante

Green consciousness is becoming more and more important for the present and the future of our planet and the possibility of combining the production of sustainable energy with the reduction of electricity costs becomes even more interesting.

In the last few years, meeco has focused its expertise in implementing worldwide clean energy solutions both for commercial and residential customers

Among installations recently finalized, stands out the self-consumption system for a private household located in Alicante, Spain.

This tailor-made PV solution of 4,56kWp, consists of 12 top tier solar modules allocated on the roof of the property.

Legalized and certified in September 2021, this sun2roof installation is expected to produce 7,28 MWh per year and save 2,04 tons of polluting CO2 emissions equivalent to those absorbed by 35 trees. 

“I’m very satisfied for having chosen a sun2roof green energy solution” states the homeowner “I receive clean and sustainable energy for the needs of my family whilst shaving off my electricity costs but mainly I have the opportunity to minimize carbon pollution and reduce my impact on the environment.”

Now it’s your turn to save money on your electricity bill too. Switch to self-consumption… contact us 🙂